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Slaying with Soul Like a Boss Goddess with Hayley Tapper


Hayley Tapper is a mindset and manifesting expert, your go-to girl for slaying with soul and the founder of Hayley Tapper Co., a company on a mission to help women all over the world realize that they really can have, do, be and achieve anything and everything they want. She believes that mixing the work with the woo is the key to unlocking your best and wealthiest life, and has helped thousands of women create the income, impact, and influence they once thought was just a dream.

In this episode, find out:

+What it means to "Slay with Soul"

+Hayley's process for manifesting money.

+the scariest but most rewarding action Hayley has ever done in business.

+Sharing your message on social media as an introvert.

+Typical money beliefs that come up with her clients.

+Feeling confident when asking for the sale.

+How to show up even when you don't want to.


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