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Setting Your Day Up for Major Wealth


Ever feel like you’re just working in your business and trying to do all the things?

Do you actually feel like you did the things that excited you and had a direct impact on creating wealth in your business by the end of the day?

Now is the time to act like the CEO of your business and show up in that way.

In this podcast episode, I cover:

+How to set your day up for major wealth

+Creating your top non-negotiables for your day

+Getting rid of the continuous to do lists

+Treasuring your time to focus on the tasks that are actually making you money

+Getting intentional about everything you’re doing so you can show up fully for your people

+Focusing on the goal and getting shit done to make it happen

+Avoiding the burnout so you can step into the energy of receiving what you want easily

Affirmation: “My time is money and my time is now!”


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