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Transforming Your Pain into Power Intuitively with Julie Bottini


Julie is an Intuitive Empowerment Coach, Energy Alchemist, and Angel Manifestation Queen. She helps growth seekers transform their pain into their power by teaching them how to deeply connect with the Angels, Fiercely listen to their intuition, feel their feelings, and intentionally manifest a life that they LOVE!

In this episode, we chat about:

+Why it’s OK to be skeptical in the beginning: how to honor the doubt + choose differently.

+The beauty in transforming pain into power.

+Julie’s tips on how to connect to source even if you haven’t experience a major breakthrough.

+How to ask + be willing to listen to both your high vibe energy + low vibe energy.

+How to honor the “ickiness” feelings + find balance in honoring that feeling.

+Why the answer we want to hear from the Universe is also the same as listening to our intuition.

+Julie’s tips for tapping into your intuition when you need a deeper answer.

+Inviting the Angels, Gods, Universe in + being willing to learn to claim your power back.


And more! 


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