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Wake Up & Rise Through Breathwork with Gwen Dittmar


Gwen Dittmar is a coach for executives + entrepreneurs. She cultivates space for her clients to wake up, remember who they are, trust their intuition + navigate change through practical + spiritual techniques. She does this through coaching, healing, moon circles + breathwork.

In this episode with Gwen, we chat about:

+Why breathwork is different for everyone yet also has a common thread for all who experience waking up.

+Gwen's tips for those who are new to breathwork + what they can expect with different types of breathwork.

+How breathwork helps you in ‘waking up’ + really feeling something inside of you + returning to the truth of who you really are by stepping out of the fog.

+How breathwork will show you how to become your own healer and how it affects your chakras. 

+How energy can get stuck + why it flows out of your body the way that it does with breathwork.

+How screaming is just one way that breathwork helps you release energy through breath or voice.

+Learn how to listen to your intuition to discover how often breathwork can work for you.


+How the breathwork is there to reveal to you the next steps + for you to trust the next steps.


+Gwens daily ritual of “My 3’s” plus setting her daily intentions, prayer, meditation + exercise!

+Why it is important on getting clear with your bedtime intentions before your go to sleep + asking spirit for clarity.


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