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Discover Your Life's Purpose with Ashley DuFresne


Ashley DuFresne is a Life’s Purpose Business Strategist- she mentors lightworkers in discovering their unique gifts (their magic) and crafting then into their soul aligned business. (She’s kind of the coach to see before working with a business coach)

By using her gifts of channeling and energy alchemy, she instills within her students clarity, focus, and confidence in their abilities so they can show up as the biggest most badass versions of themselves.

In this podcast episode we chat about:

+The moment Ashley understood her own life's purpose, and what everything she had done was leading up to.

+Learn what it means to surrender, take off the blinders and really see what the Universe is giving us.

+Find out why we don’t have to understand the Why behind everything in life.

+Understand how to work with the ego and let go.

+Becoming mindful in your own energy.

+The 3 phases of Ashley’s program that can help you activate your life’s purpose.

+Why energy healing and alignment are so important for figuring out your life’s purpose and your soul-driven business.

+How Ashley easily channels her guides.

+How to tune in to your own intuition.

+Learn how experiencing joy in life directly affects your business and success.

+Understand what it means to fulfill your life’s purpose and soul mission.


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