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Set Yourself Free & Reconnect with Jaime Pallotolo


Jaime Pallotolo freedom lover, rule breaker, dance party extraordinaire.... if you want a title you can call me Jaime, I help high achieving, successful women to reconnect with themselves, redefine their success, manage their time and energy and improve their relationships so they can feel fulfilled, loved and FREE.

+Learn how some major life changes helped Jaime rediscover herself and gave her a newfound sense of freedom after redefining who she wanted to be.

In this episode: 

+Discover how to process your own feelings and stop living in the past.

+Understand why inner work is the most powerful way to change your outer experiences.

+Why we shouldn’t be asking “What I am doing wrong?” when things don’t go as planned.

+Why creating boundaries, taking space and making yourself a priority are so important for defining your own worthiness.

+Find out why we as entrepreneurs don’t need to stick to titles and why they don’t define us.

+How support influences your transformation.

+Jaime’s tips for entrepreneurs who feel guided to create a business and live their most fulfilled life.


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