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Live Your Chakra Chic Life with Amber-Lee Lyons


Amber-Lee Lyons is your Spiritual BFF, keeping it real about all things chakras, crystals, abundance and Kardashians. She's the founder of Chakra Girl Co, a platform inspiring millennial get aligned with balance between gurus and gucci, and the host of Chakra Girl Radio, a podcast dishing all the best rituals used by today's hottest influencers and celebs.

+How not resonating with any spiritual influencers inspired Amber-Lee to start her own business.
+Why she strives to have a balance between gurus and Gucci.
+What Amber-Lee has in the works (hint: think TV shows and beauty products that help with manifesting!)
+The daily rituals that keep her grounded and her chakras balanced.
+Learn exactly what the 7 chakras are and what elements of your life they each represent.
+Find out crystal recommendations for each chakra.
+The importance of being proactive and not reactive, and why you need to cut out things, not add more in, when something isn’t going as planned.
+How paying attention to your physical symptoms can tell you what chakra you need to work on.
+Why being “more real” is the best thing you can do for yourself and your business.
+Amber-Lee’s best tip for healing that will allow your chakras to take over and guide you.


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