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Simple Everyday Practices to Increase Your Wealth


When starting an online business, it's easy to feel unaligned with checking your accounts and investments because the money going out is not matching or less than the money coming in.

Everyday, I practice gratitude and abundance for every dollar that goes in and goes out and this has been a key mindset shift in stepping up into my next level.

In this episode, I cover: 

+What daily check ins I do that help me attract abundance 

+Why checking in with your business income and expenses each day will increase your wealth 

+How to create wealth practices

+Why you should you include wealth practices that the next level YOU would have 

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My Birth Story + Never Giving Up Before the Miracle


In this real & raw episode, I'm sharing the beautiful lesson I learned while I was in labor with my second baby: Never giving up and losing faith before the miracle happens.

In this solo episode, I share:

+My birth story & unexpected labor experience

+What I learned from the hardships when it didn't go as planned

+Why the birth plan was thrown out the window

+Trusting that the "how" of what we desire will be taken care of

+Leaning into faith when you feel like giving up

+Why it's never really over and how the miracle actually happens

I'm so grateful I get to share the experience of giving birth to my little princess, Kyleiah, with you!

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Discover What Your Next Level is in Business


Deciding on your next level can sometimes feel confusing when you're building your business and constantly trying to grow. When discovering what that is, remember to honor your journey and follow the right next steps that feel most aligned for you.

In this episode, we talk about:

+How to bring awareness to what you're struggling with

+Determining what you need to overcome your biggest struggle

+Getting clear on your goals

+What your next level is and what can you do to begin embodying that next level you and act as the CEO of your business 

+How to make decisions from your next level mindset 



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Why You Should Be Repurposing Your Content


When you first start your business it can be super overwhelming trying to work out how to create content for multiple different platforms.

Repurposing your content maximizes your time and eliminates the content creation hustle we often experience as business owners.

We chat about: 

+How to save MASSIVE time on creating content

+How repurposing content allows you to spend more time showing up for your audience

+How to free up dozens of hours a week 

+How repurposing maximizes your visibility 


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Embrace Your Power to Live Richly with Allison Braun


Allison Braun is the founder of Living Richly where she supports high-achieving, creative, soulful business women who feel unsatisfied (even when they "shouldn’t") & overworked to BE more financially (and time) prosperous in their business and WAY more satisfied & expressed in their life. She loves facilitating intimate coaching (some of her clients have carried on working with her for over 4 years!), masterminds & retreats.

Allison believes pleasure is productive and sacrificing yourself and your joy will be the demise of your true success.

She’s been a coach for 8 years (successfully building two 6 figure businesses in two different niches) and have been practicing mindset and energy work for 15 years!

In this episode, we discuss: 

+ What it means to live richly and be present.

+ Find out the 2 main things Allison says people are sacrificing for their business.

+ Why she started her business and what she knew from a young age.

+ Why Allison...

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How to Run Your Business with Way More Ease


When I started treating my business seriously rather than just as a hobby, I was able to run it with way more ease! Before we dive into the strategy of it, let’s get clear that the mindset and soul work has to happen first.

In this episode, we're talking about: 

+How to run your business with more ease.

+Why thinking like the CEO version of you will help you get to the next level of your business. 

+How to create a rinse and repeat process for everything. 



+How simplifying your processes will help your business stop feeling so damn hard. 

+How to start prioritizing things that have a direct link to monetizing your business. 

+How to determine which business tasks or money-making activities are part of your priorities are what will actually bring in profit.



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Live Your Chakra Chic Life with Amber-Lee Lyons


Amber-Lee Lyons is your Spiritual BFF, keeping it real about all things chakras, crystals, abundance and Kardashians. She's the founder of Chakra Girl Co, a platform inspiring millennial get aligned with balance between gurus and gucci, and the host of Chakra Girl Radio, a podcast dishing all the best rituals used by today's hottest influencers and celebs.

+How not resonating with any spiritual influencers inspired Amber-Lee to start her own business.
+Why she strives to have a balance between gurus and Gucci.
+What Amber-Lee has in the works (hint: think TV shows and beauty products that help with manifesting!)
+The daily rituals that keep her grounded and her chakras balanced.
+Learn exactly what the 7 chakras are and what elements of your life they each represent.
+Find out crystal recommendations for each chakra.
+The importance of being proactive and not reactive, and why you need to cut out things, not add more in, when something isn’t going as planned.
+How paying...

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Is Your Business Strategy Actually Working for You?


Way too often I see people questioning whether their strategy is working for them or against them.

What it really comes down to is asking yourself if this strategy is something you're aligned with OR if it's something that you're doing because everyone says it works.

I use to have so much resistance to strategies when I first started my business.

I was all about mindset and everything being easy and flowy and without strategy - but the honest truth is that you can have strategy in place and feel good about it. So let me show you how!

In this episode I chat about:

+Strategy that feels good for you. 

+How to test and tweak to find what works best for your business.

+The importance of practicing consistency. 

and more!  


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Set Yourself Free & Reconnect with Jaime Pallotolo


Jaime Pallotolo freedom lover, rule breaker, dance party extraordinaire.... if you want a title you can call me Jaime, I help high achieving, successful women to reconnect with themselves, redefine their success, manage their time and energy and improve their relationships so they can feel fulfilled, loved and FREE.

+Learn how some major life changes helped Jaime rediscover herself and gave her a newfound sense of freedom after redefining who she wanted to be.

In this episode: 

+Discover how to process your own feelings and stop living in the past.

+Understand why inner work is the most powerful way to change your outer experiences.

+Why we shouldn’t be asking “What I am doing wrong?” when things don’t go as planned.

+Why creating boundaries, taking space and making yourself a priority are so important for defining your own worthiness.

+Find out why we as entrepreneurs don’t need to stick to titles and why they don’t define us.


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What Your Offer Needs to Sell to the Right People


One big mistake I see spiritual entrepreneurs making is they go into hermit mode, hustle getting their offer created perfectly, and not prepping an audience to get excited and warm for when it comes time to sell. Then they attempt to launch to a cold audience, and make no sales.

In this episode, we cover:

+The 3-step process that allows you to align with your offer.

+How to get people excited for your offer.

+How to make them want to sign up right now. 

+How to build interest, warm your audience for what is coming and build excitement and momentum.

+How to create and finalize your offer when you yourself are excited to sell.

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