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Discover Your Life's Purpose with Ashley DuFresne


Ashley DuFresne is a Life’s Purpose Business Strategist- she mentors lightworkers in discovering their unique gifts (their magic) and crafting then into their soul aligned business. (She’s kind of the coach to see before working with a business coach)

By using her gifts of channeling and energy alchemy, she instills within her students clarity, focus, and confidence in their abilities so they can show up as the biggest most badass versions of themselves.

In this podcast episode we chat about:

+The moment Ashley understood her own life's purpose, and what everything she had done was leading up to.

+Learn what it means to surrender, take off the blinders and really see what the Universe is giving us.

+Find out why we don’t have to understand the Why behind everything in life.

+Understand how to work with the ego and let go.

+Becoming mindful in your own energy.

+The 3 phases of Ashley’s program that can help you activate your life’s purpose.


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Creating Over Consuming to Experience More Success


It's easy to constantly consume webinars, podcasts and all the free content because we think its going to get us to the next best thing - but let's be real - if you are consuming more than you are creating, than it's time to change that in order to experience more success in your business. Because if you aren't creating - you aren't selling!

So how can you start showing up for your audience?

In this episode we discuss:

+Four ways you can create with intention and goals in mind, in order to serve your clients and make money in your business.

+What you need to convey in your content in order to connect. 

+What is attractive and valuable to your ideal client.

+Your funnel and how you're nurturing your potential clients. 

+How to stay consistent. 

+Nurturing your clients to the sale. 

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Why You Need Soul, Strategy & Sales to Create a Profitable Offer


Since creating my business back in 2017, I've realized that so many people aren't confident that they can align with their offer, with their strategy for launching or selling their offer. I know this because I've been there - but one of the biggest lessons I've learnt is that if we don't start somewhere we won't start at all. We get so stuck with how we are supposed to feel.

In this episode, I discuss:

+How to align with your offer and commit to it 

+Determining your strategy to know HOW you are going to offer and launch something.

+How you can plan, repurpose, and automate at each step so you aren't launching live all the time.

+Being committed and test and tweak your strategy.

+How often you should be promoting and marketing your offers.

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Wake Up & Rise Through Breathwork with Gwen Dittmar


Gwen Dittmar is a coach for executives + entrepreneurs. She cultivates space for her clients to wake up, remember who they are, trust their intuition + navigate change through practical + spiritual techniques. She does this through coaching, healing, moon circles + breathwork.

In this episode with Gwen, we chat about:

+Why breathwork is different for everyone yet also has a common thread for all who experience waking up.

+Gwen's tips for those who are new to breathwork + what they can expect with different types of breathwork.

+How breathwork helps you in ‘waking up’ + really feeling something inside of you + returning to the truth of who you really are by stepping out of the fog.

+How breathwork will show you how to become your own healer and how it affects your chakras. 

+How energy can get stuck + why it flows out of your body the way that it does with breathwork.

+How screaming is just one way that breathwork helps you release energy through breath or...

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Creating Valuable Relationships to Make Sales


I absolutely love building relationships with my audience, potential clients and all the dreamy clients! I feel as though it is so important to nurture every person who comes into your space (community) with so much love, support and value. It’s about valuing every relationship you create so selling your offer feels like the best way to serve them.

In this episode, we’re chatting all about:

+Valuing potential clients as if they were already your client

+Giving your aud

ience so much value (not just the inspirational shit)

+Taking the time to simply ask your potential clients about what they need

+Not being afraid to sell because you’ve already created the relationship

+Knowing who your hottest leads are

+Making sales feel so much easier than you make it

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Transforming Your Pain into Power Intuitively with Julie Bottini


Julie is an Intuitive Empowerment Coach, Energy Alchemist, and Angel Manifestation Queen. She helps growth seekers transform their pain into their power by teaching them how to deeply connect with the Angels, Fiercely listen to their intuition, feel their feelings, and intentionally manifest a life that they LOVE!

In this episode, we chat about:

+Why it’s OK to be skeptical in the beginning: how to honor the doubt + choose differently.

+The beauty in transforming pain into power.

+Julie’s tips on how to connect to source even if you haven’t experience a major breakthrough.

+How to ask + be willing to listen to both your high vibe energy + low vibe energy.

+How to honor the “ickiness” feelings + find balance in honoring that feeling.

+Why the answer we want to hear from the Universe is also the same as listening to our intuition.

+Julie’s tips for tapping into your intuition when you need a deeper answer.

+Inviting the Angels, Gods,...

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Setting Your Day Up for Major Wealth


Ever feel like you’re just working in your business and trying to do all the things?

Do you actually feel like you did the things that excited you and had a direct impact on creating wealth in your business by the end of the day?

Now is the time to act like the CEO of your business and show up in that way.

In this podcast episode, I cover:

+How to set your day up for major wealth

+Creating your top non-negotiables for your day

+Getting rid of the continuous to do lists

+Treasuring your time to focus on the tasks that are actually making you money

+Getting intentional about everything you’re doing so you can show up fully for your people

+Focusing on the goal and getting shit done to make it happen

+Avoiding the burnout so you can step into the energy of receiving what you want easily

Affirmation: “My time is money and my time is now!”

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Slaying with Soul Like a Boss Goddess with Hayley Tapper


Hayley Tapper is a mindset and manifesting expert, your go-to girl for slaying with soul and the founder of Hayley Tapper Co., a company on a mission to help women all over the world realize that they really can have, do, be and achieve anything and everything they want. She believes that mixing the work with the woo is the key to unlocking your best and wealthiest life, and has helped thousands of women create the income, impact, and influence they once thought was just a dream.

In this episode, find out:

+What it means to "Slay with Soul"

+Hayley's process for manifesting money.

+the scariest but most rewarding action Hayley has ever done in business.

+Sharing your message on social media as an introvert.

+Typical money beliefs that come up with her clients.

+Feeling confident when asking for the sale.

+How to show up even when you don't want to.

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My Journey of Manifesting my Second Pregnancy


In this super raw episode, I'm taking you through my journey as a young mom and how I believe I manifested my second pregnancy. Since I was very young, I thought I wouldn't get to fulfill my dream of becoming a mom - my ultimate dream.

Today, I'm taking you through:

+A breathwork experience I had that connected me to my baby last year

+A raw look at the journal entry I wrote when I connected to her

+Why I thought I wouldn't be able to have more kids

+How I shifted my desires away from the fears

+Fully trusting that my baby would come and surrendering to the process

+The realization I had when it comes to really having what you want

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Detaching From the Numbers to Hit Your Income Goals this Year


Let's manifest those high-achieving income goals this year! But first... we've got to do some passionate detachment from those numbers that may hold you back from going big.

In this episode, we're chatting about:

+How to detach from the number of followers, subscribers, members, etc. you have

+Why you can sell regardless of your numbers

+Achieving the goals you set from where you're currently at

+Taking the first step in simply deciding

+Showing up without having the "proof" you expect

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