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New Year, New Name + Word of the Year


2019 is here you guys! I'm so excited about this episode because with the new year came a new name for the podcast!

We're chatting about what to expect and diving a bit deeper on how to set your word of the year.

My word of the year is ELEVATE! This word came in downloads almost daily, which led me to making the change for this podcast!

Take the time to journal on this:

What is your word of 2019? ...the word that inspires you to shift, change & uplevel in your life and business?

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How to Elevate & Expand With Divine Timing


 2019 is going to a big year for you & this podcast episode will give you a new perception on your divine timing!

Today we're talking about:

+How there is more than enough time

+Why time is expanding & not linear

+Elevating your wealth into new levels

+Believing in the results you can create

+Trusting the process & allowing yourself to feel abundant in both life and business

+The key to having time on your side with your new goals in the new year!

Let's manifest an abundant, aligned year in 2019!

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My #1 Tip for Wealth to do For Your Business Daily

Here are the top things I hear people say:

+"I'm posting on Instagram every day"

+"I'm going live every day"

+"I'm creating really good content"

BUT... the money & clients are not flowing in.

Let's dive into that and shift that story! We're going to make it happen with this #1 tip you can begin implementing now!

Listen to the episode for the juicy details!

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Being Grateful for Not Being Perfect


Perfectionism gets the best of all of us, especially with how easy it is to start comparing ourselves to others. It's time to break that cycle in this episode!

In today's episode, we're chatting:

+How to love yourself [and your life] as you are.

+Stopping the comparison game in its tracks.

+Reframing the beliefs that come up with perfectionism.

+Taking positive action on the new perspectives you create.

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Committing to Your Daily Practice for Abundance



In this episode, I talk about daily practices for both life and business.

Reminder: A little progress each day will lead to great, big, abundant results!

I wanted to share with you how to implement a daily practice in your life & business. Committing to a daily practice will help you be more mindful in your life & show up as your highest self in your business.

For my life, my practice looks like meditation, essential oils, exercise and journaling. For my business, it can be checking in with my clients or showing up on social media.

Remember that your daily ritual can be totally different and that’s okay! It's about what feels good and abundant to you to create the results you want.

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Believing & Achieving Your Goals This Year


Already setting goals for the new year? Let's make sure you're still achieving the goals you've set for this year babe!

Fully believing in what you know is possible is what makes the manifestation process of your goals much more enjoyable. Remember to take daily inspired action & show up as the person you believe you can be.

In this episode, we're chatting about:

+Why it's not over until it's over

+How the last hour, minute and second matters

+Making income goals happen

+Trusting in the process set for you to achieve your goals

+Doing more than just planning and visualizing

+Making the goals happen with inspired actions (even messy actions!)

+Having faith in manifesting what you want despite all odds

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The Mind-Made Law of Judgment & Opinions


What if the opinions created by ourselves or others were created from our own minds and perceptions of the world?

Join me on today's episode to discuss:

+How the power of belief can alter judgment

+What to do with judgment instead of going through fear

+Creating energetic boundaries around this mind-made thing

+How to filter through our own beliefs systems and perceptions

+How this reflects belief within ourselves and others

Get ready for a breakthrough to create new realities for yourself!

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The Life of Raising a Business & a Baby

Ready to go from infant to toddler in your business?

As a mom who started building my business two weeks after giving birth, I recognized how much my business grew as my son did. I noticed that every time my son hit a milestone, I would achieve a new milestone in my business as well.

This episode goes through the phases of our little humans growing while we grow along with them. We're getting real on how it is to be a mom and entrepreneur through all the imperfect little moments!

We’re covering:

+What you may experience in each milestone

+The not so perfect life of being a mom but the best life!

+Doing what it takes to make your business work

+Releasing control and seeing what’s possible

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It's Time to Release Your Excuses & Take Action


Welcome to the very first episode! Despite being sick, I decided to use my experiences to show you that excuses and stories are no longer allowed to hold you back.

In this episode, we're covering:

+An introduction to me as your host

+How to break the cycle and stop giving in to your stories

+Recognizing the excuses that continuously come up

+Knowing the difference between self care & self sabotage

+Deciding what you get to have by taking action

+Fulfilling the light you want to share with others

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