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I’m Heaven Leigh, your new mom bestie & soul sister in business!

Before I talk about me, I have to do the mom thing and talk about my kids first. My first-born sons' name is Kymani, which means “world traveler.” It’s such a perfect fit since he’s been traveling since he was 3 months old (Rota, Guam, Korea, Vegas and more) - other than Paris when momma attended a luxury retreat! My daughter Kyleiah was born in April 2019.

I am here to guide you in creating a profitable online business while having the freedom to meditate and journal your heart out, travel the world and spend more time with your family.

I am obsessed with combining soulful principles and business strategy to make money on your own terms. As a firm believer that wealth can always can be created at any level, I combine my signature framework of soul, strategy and sales to support my clients in their business.

I love sharing the realness of business, spirituality, wealth and motherhood on the Elevate Your Wealth Podcast! This podcast teaches you how to build an online business with heart while integrating the experiences of my spiritual journey, the joys of motherhood and the creation of wealth.


How I got started…

I began building my coaching business 2 weeks after giving birth to my son at 21 years old. I went from working 40+ hour weeks between school, internships and part-time positions to becoming a stay at home mom just like that.

While I was still a student in my last semester of college, I knew this momma had to make something work. And that's when I discovered the coaching world!

Seriously as I was in the hospital recovering after giving birth, I opened up my computer to check on my test grades and somehow began looking for ways to make money online. Looks like the tiny human latched to my boob was enough to motivate me to make shit happen for my [and my family’s] future.

So I did it. I invested time into my research, money into my coaches, and energy into my work to create the business I have now. All of this happened while my husband was away on an overseas tour for a year as a student in my last semester and as a new mom with a rollercoaster of emotions.

With the beautiful and crazy experiences along the way, I’ve built a coaching business I absolutely love and work with clients who I am so proud of!

I also believe investing in my personal & educational development has influenced how far I’ve come & in supporting my clients!

+Bachelor of Business Administration in Management & Minor in Accounting [APSU]

+Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner [Association of Integrative Psychology]

+Certified Money, Marketing and Soul® Coach [Heart of Success]





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