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Explore the three different transformation levels offered below.


An Ongoing Monthly Membership

The Wealth Collective is a monthly membership to support service-based bosses in creating a profitable business while also creating more time, flow and of course, wealth!

Every month, we have live group calls, exclusive podcast & meditations, unlimited live strategy coaching and monthly sales masterclasses to elevate your wealth together!



4-month group program to launch & scale your biz

You’ll learn about all the wealth & business strategies (and flows) to launch and scale your soulful online business! Imagine creating consistent income in your business with all the soul, strategy and sales support you receive from this program.

We’re covering everything from your wealth mindset, creating your programs, intuitive funnels, sales, marketing, community building and more to call in your wealth.



6 month 1:1 coaching program to scale your business

Between nailing your launch process, creating your signature program, and mastering your selling process, we’re taking soulful & strategic action to launch and scale your income.

With so much high level support, you’ll be ready to master your wealth as soon as we begin! This is reserved for you if you are fully committed to making shifts happen & hitting 5-figure launch goals within the next six months.


The Wealthy Boss Framework:


+Connecting to your intuition & making decisions from an empowered mindset

+Creating an intuitive client experience to launch and sell programs with more ease

+Dive deep on the limiting beliefs that could be holding you back from attracting the money you desire

+Integrating intuition & flow with strategies & systems

+Focusing on your zone of genius to create clear priorities and goals


+Building your online visibility & the content your share with your audience

+Designing your business or program launch to attract clients who value your work

+Strategizing on your unique profit pyramid with signature programs (1:1, mastermind, group program) & passive offers (courses, workshops, membership, etc). - the choices are all yours to make!

+Having a clear client flow to go from free offer to paid program

+Achieving profitable, scalable income goals

+Knowing exactly how to sell your offer and close sales with more confidence and ease

+Mastering your sales process to convert your audience into paying clients

+Booking consistent calls with potential clients and master converting your sessions into sales

+Having a client base of hot leads ready to invest in the next level offer


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